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Virtual-Reality(VR) Design Leads to The Nerve Gear Psychotronics

The nerve gear psychotronics is a device that sends electrical signals into the brain via the form of Electromagnetic fields at the bandwidth of over the range found in microwave radiation levels. Its purpose is to trigger certain patterns of chemo-electrical impulses that mimics into an alternate virtual reality. It does this acting as both signal transmitter and signal receiver. Popularized in the anime series in Japan. Like brand names entitled as “Sword Art Online” and “Accel World”. Virtual Reality is headed in the dimensional realms of psycho-integrated perception. Where virtual reality becomes so real an experience. This popularization comes in as no surprise. Since they approached the scientists working in the field. Coordinating their researches into a form of an anime or a manga to better promote it to the public in future times like 2025 – as suggested in both anime franchises. In fact, the company brand having the title name of “Oculus” are already prompt to be on their way.

This field of research is already decades old. Its first applications were on either University Experiments or even DARPA high level security clearance R & D technological development platforms. It is known as psychotronics. Its studies are as early as the first encephalography during the year of 1875 by Richard Caton. Aspiring to know the realms of parapsychopology. Contrary to popular belief, it did succeed but was first hidden to the eyes of the public until the decades of 1970 up till now. In these times, a physiological researcher named DR. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado found that ELF waves (extremely low frequency) at 6 hertz into the 12 hertz can affect human emotional responses. By then, researches advanced further until getting into the bandwidth of Microwaves for more optimized control of the mind.

Recently, neuropsychological researches in the matter are already being disclosed in television programs. Such as documentaries in History Channel and Discovery Channel with very popular titles like that of “Through the Wormhole”. Showing what appears to be a headband. But a headband that produces complex electrical signals that can control human reflexes. In which the researcher suggests, will make education much easier in the future – as they are experimenting it with a professional archer’s brain activity simulated into the minds of the beginners. With great precision too. This headband comes in with no surprise again. As it hints that anime creator of “Sword Art Online” already endorses it in its second season – when nerve gear’s ability to stimulated dangerous levels of microwave electromagnetic influxes can fry the brain. Proving that he did approached those researchers in Japan and how they are already endorsing this for future generations and parents. If so, then there will no longer be any wait. The year of 2025 is already near our time. It may be that in consoles like the PS5 and the PS6. Virtual reality will become as real as the real one – far more wide in experience too.

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