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10 Web Technologies for Business Benefit

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Ideally, business web technologies are geared to use the power of the internet to enhance the operation of any online business as well as avail the website owner of a wealth of need-to-know information. The various web technologies that are covered here will enable anyone to offset the growing pains that result from expanding their business to the internet so it will operate as smoothly as possible. Accounting Software – if there are any hopes of achieving longevity with a new online business, consider investing in an accounting software application such as Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Office for Small Business, or Peachtree. With the proper accounting software, there are numerous benefits such as paperless record keeping and filing, deposits made to the bank, and e-mailing invoices for payment. Be sure to look into purchasing business oriented tax software such as Turbo Tax. Advertising campaign and customer tracking applications – this is a critical element when it comes to operating a business efficiently using web technologies. It is an effective way of gauging what advertising campaigns are working and which ones aren’t so a business owner does not continue to waste any money on ineffectual ad campaigns. More importantly, it is the best way to keep track of and stay in touch with those customers that a business relies upon for its very survival. Desktop publishing software – this is a business tool that can save thousands of dollars in the long-run when it comes to marketing tools such as brochures, flyers, leaflets, logos, marketing design, and even newsletter templates. These web technologies enable individuals to cut advertising overhead. Enterprise mash-ups – these are applications that mix or “mash up” functionalities of assorted online services in order to provide new ones. What makes this concept so practical is that these web technologies can be added to business websites in order to deliver and manage certain applications. Payment processors or payment systems – if you set up a business online, this is a necessary aspect because it enables a person to collect payments from their customers. There are several payment processors out there and a person would be wise to invest in at least 2 of these web technologies to protect oneself in case one of them goes down. Servers – the current evolvement and growth of servers is pursuant to the need for more storage capacity, therefore enabling your business to track all types of resources. Social software – online businesses should consider adding a “social dimension” to their websites so they are not left behind by those competitors that enhance their businesses by implementing a social platform. Specialized systems – in order to cope with the daily demands of business operations, the use of heterogeneous server systems is becoming one of the emerging web technologies trend and replacing older dedicated devices. Virtualization factors – you can significantly decrease your expenses by eliminating duplication of data and paperwork by using certain storage devices – i.e. client servers and storage servers, for example. Web-oriented architectures – implementing web-centric standards and web technologies has a positive impact on certain small to medium sized online businesses by promoting a more service-friendly environment.

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