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Old Technology - What Can Be Done

The frequency at which new technology is being made means gadget owners have to keep on updating if they are to stay current, a costly commitment and inevitably it leaves behind lots of perfectly working, though perhaps now outdated tech gadgets that are no longer in use. Being a tech-savvy individual can be expensive and challenging when every other month or year a new gadget is released into the market.

On top of the plastics used in most tech products, they also have lots of other potentially harmful substances in them. These include Lead found in cathode-ray tube screens, Cadmium in semiconductors and Selenium in circuit boards. These are substances that not only pose a serious environmental risk but if not correctly disposed can be harmful to your health. What Can You Do ? No phone or computer maker minds if you decide to upgrade every other year. In fact, most are counting on you to sell old models and upgrade so that they can make more business. Consequently, all the unused junk ends up collecting dust in your garage or in your closet because you do not know what to do with it all. Fortunately, today, there are numerous available options in case you decide that rather than consign your old gadgets to the landfill or have them take up space in your drawer, you decide to recycle them. Donate Them If your used device still functions or is only partially broken, there is certainly a non-profit or charity organization out there that would only be too happy to offload it off your hands. You can contribute your old phones or computers to groups that can have them fixed and cleaned before putting them back into useful circulation. Even what you view as being most obsolete, like your oldest computer can probably still be valuable to someone in another part of the world. If you wish to make local donations without going through international charitable organizations, you could start by calling up local non-profits, shelters or schools, many of which would only be too happy to receive your donations. The tech products either will be refurbished or sold to raise money. This way you would also be helping your community directly. Tech Company Recycling Programs The majority of big tech companies have taken steps in setting up their own programs of recycling tech devices. These programs are typically easy to access and free, allowing you to recycle your unused tech items responsibly. Specific programs are in place targeting those electronics that are determined as not being safe for a landfill. Some of these programs will also accept gadgets that are different from their own brands. Exchange Programs There are several programs that offer replacements or money for your unwanted devices thus ensuring you don't lose everything. Many major phone providers are also offering trade-in services for customers who want to upgrade to newer versions. Sell them Directly for Hard Cash If you do not want deal with the big tech carriers, many retailers are now offering trade-in programs making it possible to sell your old device for a cash exchange. For example, online retailers or other dealers will let you trade in by mail or in-store for gift cards. If you send old products to their mobile recycling program which still have some value, you could receive a gift card that you can use towards your future purchases. Conclusion While keeping up with the latest technology is challenging financially as companies release newer products every other day, it is the issue of recycling that is proving more difficult to handle. However, with the above strategies, it becomes less stressful financially. Your old tech may be totally unusable or still in relatively good shape, but no matter the state, as a socially responsible citizen, you should avoid throwing them in the trash can.

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