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NeuroReality - next level of VR

An advance phase of virtual reality technology shall soon emerge. In-spite of all advancements in VR and the immersive experience they offer with the latest available gadgets, the experience offered is different from the real world. To take it to next level where virtual is difficult to differentiate from real, the technology needs to progress to new phase of development called NeuroReality .

In a sense that the machine is able to have a direct link into our minds with the use of a brain-computer interface (BCI). But great pleasures also awaits great challenges in such advances in technology, since if we are not careful, tragic things can happen to our world. The reason for this is that such future devices that can perform a direct neural link, could also perform mind control and behavior manipulation, things we thought of before as only in the realms of science fiction. Consider an event in the advancement in the propagation of advertisements. One infected with such a subliminal signal may not notice that they are buying something that was implanted from a computer and into directly to their own brains. Even worse, if you get the feeling of craving for such advertised products, yet not truly finding any use of them. Consider the advantages of such machines for mind control and behavior manipulation to be in direct control by: Corporations, Military Facilities, Secret Organizations, and to many more that gets their hands with full control of such technologies.

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