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IIoT - Industry Internet of Things

Over the past many years, the dream of many people has been to access a smart home that can be made to act on its own without resorting to human intervention for the data. This smart house and similar products that were portrayed in movies and social networking sites are now closer to reality than ever before, through technology of, "Internet of Things (IoT) " & “Industrial Internet of things (IIoT)”. IoT expresses this term for delivery of all smart devices, thru Internet to operate automatically the home, for example, that "understands" the necessary room temperature and then adjusts accordingly..

Coined between 2007 and 2009, some scientists describe the term IoT as one of the main pillars of the next industrial revolution. The term evolved directly with the development of Internet, as the number of devices connected to the Internet in 2003 was close to 500 million units, while the number of Internet-connected devices in 2010 reached 12.52 billion devices. In the year 2015, the number of "things" that have become connected to the Internet reached 4.2 billion devices, and it is expected that this number will rise substantially by 2020 and could reach 26 billion devices.

"Internet of things" in the current world is becoming a reality, at consumer level, as we note advertisements that promote Freezer smartly connected to the Internet that can issue warning on shortages of some products, and some even able to order directly from the store without any human interference. Consumer level is only a simple example of what can be changed by the Internet of Things in everyday life, while on the industrial level, the economic impact that would result from the entry of the Internet of Things to the factories can not be estimated accurately. You can not estimate the exact figure for the number of devices that will be connected to the Internet by the coming years, especially if we notice that only less than 50 percent of the people can get online services as of 2015.

The "Internet of things" will benefit humans substantially on the control and management of disease and application of health maintenance services. Certainly, the leading technology Companies are aware of the importance of the "Internet of Things" and the economic effects that would result, especially as they invest in startups in the field of energy and smart homes and projects that would deliver the internet to the mass population enabling increase in the number of internet users worldwide dramatically.

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