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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Sports

Ever since the discovery of artificial intelligence, our world has developed at a rapid speed, and in fact, still developing every day. Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is the theory and development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Common examples are visual perception, audio recognition, language translation, problem solving that involve decision making abilities, and many more. Thanks to AI, scientists were able to come up with more diversified inventions: Bots armed with AI. Common types will be Siri (Apple), Google Assistant, Cortana (Microsoft), Alexa (Amazon), and Android. Others can be Cartesian, SCARA, Delta, and etc. Many robots exist as a helping tool for human science e.g. robots made by NASA for further study of our planet. As said, robots exist in many types, but did you know that there are sport robots? Sport robots, just like its name, are robots that play sports. Over the past century, not hundred, not millions, but in fact billions of people have loved watching sports. Nowadays, due to technological development, robots are also involved in sports. The following are types of robot sports that already exist: Table tennis, football, basketball, soccer and hockey. To observe specifically, robot soccer is already extremely popular in science institute and technology universities. In MIT Edgerton Center, they study mechanical, electrical, and software engineering to make robots to play soccer. The reason why they do this is because, every Summer, they participate in the international Robocup competition, which involves Cambridge and Harvard university. The Robocup competition is an annual robot soccer competition. Participants from each university compete with each other using their programmed robot. There are also sports that have humans competing against robots. There are two very famous example. First one is the Argentina football player attempting a penalty shot, which a robot goalkeeper is blocking. Messi attempted a total of 3 shots. Although the last one went in, statistically speaking, there are higher chances of being blocked by the RoboKeeper than scoring a goal. Another very famous example is the Korean professional Go player Lee SeDol versus Alphago. In March 2016, Alphago - a computer Go program developed by Google DeepMind and 18-time Go championship player Lee SeDol had 5 Go matches. The end result had Alphago winning 4 games and Lee SeDol winning only 1 game. Two famous examples of human versus robot has brought humans great surprise as well as shock. One can say that there is really nothing that can outrun human ingenuity, while others argue that we are not far from being outrun by our discovery of AI. Sports is one aspect that has been opened by scientists studying robots. There are still more aspects to be opened up and more technological developments to take place further.

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