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3D Food Printing

One of the most developing trends in today's era is the 3D printing of food. It is one of the most promising developments in the food industry. 3D food printing is all about how ingredients of food are sculptured to form one layer over another. These layers are used to determine the shape of food. Most of the foods are made by squeezing some of their components and this can be done only by an experienced chef. Food printing is a bit more difficult as most of the foods are not themselves made into prefabricated extrusions.

One of the most common type of printed material may be food in the near future but questions would always remain on the types of food that can be printed as the technology is still in its early stages. Some of the big tech companies have already experimented and one of them has already served to its members printed pasta from its cafeteria. The low hanging fruits are food items like the cakes, breads and chocolates that can be prepared using the 3D printers. The most difficult part of the 3D food printing process is as to how the food is cooked. People expect, the print nozzle to deliver a

ready-made fried chicken or baked bread. A 3D printer will bake by using a very hot platform that is placed under the print head. As the cookies are being printed out, the hot platform is again ready to bake the raw dough. This is done by depositing material layers one on top of another until full layer is formed.

Printing of custom made pastas and chocolates is becoming a reality in most countries and this will revolutionize the food supply in the food industry. These 3D printers will be heavily used in every part of the world to satisfy customer needs. The cost of the goods will be managed by the customer and the total cost of production would be lowered by use of technology. The invention of 3D printers would improve the production footsteps saving the time to bring out the custom made product to the market. Despite currently not being popular on mass scale, the 3D printing tech is commonly used for preparing wedding cakes & chocolates that are custom made for such events. In spite of all the challenges, there is tremendous interest in the printing industry to develop the food printers for the masses.

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