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Technology impact on lifestyle

It is widely known that technology has created many useful and amazing things over the years and has also dramatically changed how we live our daily lives today in various ways.

The most typical example that we are aware & closely associated with are devices like smartphones, laptops or tablets that have changed the way we communicate with other people. These tech gadgets once science fiction but reality today help us build relationships in business, education and even social life. Services like Skype create new possibilities for relationships between students and teachers, helping students take online courses to better understand their topics. Online training is also widely popular in companies, that encourage its employees to upgrade their skills in latest digital technologies & project management skills.

Many of us use social networks to make friends more easily. The snail mail of the past has been replaced by emails, online chats & messenger apps. Another interesting impact of technology is seen in people’s buying habits as it is now far more convenient to use online shopping for anything from daily use items to high tech gadgets. The emergence of Home automation and IoT enabled devices would make our homes even far more comfortable than they are today.

Also the online world has created new job opportunities for bloggers & writers. Many sites on the Internet provide good opportunities to earn money through activities such as online marketing, blogging or teaching online. Only few examples have been mentioned here but definitely in many more ways our lifestyle is being shaped by technology today.

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