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automation-news-chemicalplant is gateway to the world of Industry information & news. Automation is becoming increasingly important in our lives and encompassing all spheres of our life. It is important to stay in touch with latest automation news & trends to know about new automation technologies that can help to make our businesses more efficient, lean & profitable. The Automation news comes from different fields as each industry segment benefits from advancements in science & technology.

Automation News

Factory Automation

Building Automation

Office Automation

Home Automation

CNC Automation



Factory or Industrial Automation used in the production of finished goods is the most commonly known but there are also other segments like Robotics, Laboratory Automation, Building Automation, CNC Automation, Home & Office Automation. Automation today is widely used in different industrial sectors like Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Mining, Aviation, Cement, HealthCare, Retail, Textiles, Semiconductor, Biotech, Energy, Automotive and Research & Development.

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